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Updated: Oct 31, 2022

It's been a little bit since I've done an FAQ/AMA style post on here, so I asked for folks to send in their questions on Twitter and Instagram, and here are my answers!

What was the catalyst for you deciding to get into sex work?

I was in a job I hated that caused me a lot of stress; so much so, that I was on a 3-month long stress leave and was put on some anti-anxiety/anti-depression medications. I had a lot of free time on my hands, so I decided to finally take the plunge. I had been thinking about being a content creator for close to a year, and had dabbled in camming in the past, but this was the first time I really had the time and energy to dedicate to working towards building it all from the ground up. I had hesitated for a long time due to the not-so-great experience I had camming and my worry that I wouldn't have enough creativity or energy to come up with content constantly, but hey, it's been over a year and I'm still going strong!

How difficult is it to retain subs month after month?

It can certainly feel like an uphill battle at times. I have a good number of subscribers with re-bill on, so I know that their subscription will renew at the end of the month, but my subscriber number can fluctuate quite a bit over a monthly period. But I think of it much like any other monthly service: do your best to provide quality content consistently and offer something that they can't get anywhere else to try to retain subscribers. For me, it's all about my theme days that showcase more of my personality. You can find titties anywhere on the internet, but you can only get an unfiltered (and naked) Willow Raven on my pages! So I just do my best to keep offering (what I hope is) quality content and keep trying to grow my following! I also try not to take things too to heart; sometimes people need to unsubscribe because of financial situations, relationships, health issues, etc. It's normal to have some drop off, but it's certainly a bit of a grind to try to keep subscribers. Like I said, being consistent in showing quality content is one thing, but it's also about constantly being on social media trying to grow your following and hope that that translates into subscribers. It's definitely not just easy, passive income!

Have there been any issues with friendships at all, like friends who don't agree with your work, for example?

Most of my friends are fairly radical lefties, so they're all pretty pro-sex work and supportive. I haven't really run into any issues in terms of friends treating me differently because of work, if anything, most people are just curious more than anything! The one thing I will say, though, is that very few of my real life friends follow my work social media accounts, which always makes me feel a little disconnected. I use my work accounts more than my older personal accounts, and so it's where I do most of my posting. I miss interacting with more of my real life pals online. I understand that some of them are sex positive and supportive of my career, but don't want to personally follow because I post a lot of thirst traps (even though I don't post any nudity or anything too graphic on socials) but there is always that part of me that wonders "If I had any other type of small business, would they follow me simply to support me? If so, why aren't they following this?" but ultimately, they may just not want porn on their timelines and I gotta respect that, too!

What are aspects of your job you wish was easier?

There's a few. I don't think people recognize how much of a hustle it all is. I wish I was one of those girls that has like 5k subscribers and never has to worry much about always trying to get new subs and get tips, etc. but I'm definitely not at that level yet, so it's a daily grind to try to find new ways to promote my pages, get tips from subscribers, etc.

It's also difficult to deal with the emotional labor associated with the job. I sometimes get some pretty heavy messages from subscribers - folks don't always have people to talk to, and I'm an approachable person that isn't linked to their real life, so it makes me easy to open up to. And I'm happy to be able to provide some comfort but at times it can weigh pretty heavily.

Finally, it can be really taxing to look at photos of yourself day in and day out, especially when you're not feeling wholly confident in your body. I wish I had the confidence people think I have, but I struggle with body image issues like many others, and so looking at thousands of photos of myself naked on a weekly basis can have some warped effects on my self-esteem.

Do you ever get crushes on subscribers? How do you deal with it, if so?

I find I'm quite good at maintaining boundaries with work, but like when I was a barista, I definitely have a few *~favourites~* I especially love chatting with or making content for. But ultimately, I am here to be a fantasy, so I always keep a bit of a guard up so that I maintain that professional relationship.

Does work ever get boring?

Absolutely! There's aspects of the job that are super tedious (for example, I'm currently trying to track every piece of lingerie I own and it is taking forever). Along with the fun and creativity that comes with shooting, there's a load of not-so-fun tasks like queuing up posts, keeping track of financials, going through hundreds of photos to find 10 usable ones.

There's also a tedium that takes place with shooting content. I've been shooting in my space for over a year now and so I've gotten pretty bored of my backgrounds and potential poses, etc. which is why I LOVE getting the chance to shoot in other places like hotels and airbnbs. I've also tried to move furniture around, buy new furniture, buy backgrounds, etc. to help alleviate the monotony of it all, but there's only so much I can do within my space. So while shooting is often fun, I've started to get a bit bored of my surroundings.

How do you decide on a stunt dick for your B/G videos?

I am VERY particular about who I shoot with. First, I want to make it very clear, that it's not as easy as simply shooting content together and then putting it on the sites: you need the other person's ID, a photo of them holding the ID, you need them to sign forms stating that they've consented to the content being shot and also posted online, etc. So it's an entire process!

I've only personally shot content for my pages with two people: one was someone I've slept with off and on for two years, who I lovingly refer to as Stunt Dick™. We're very comfortable with each other and he's also a shibari artist as well as a talented photographer, so I know that our content together is always going to be high quality. The other person I've filmed content with was someone I had feelings for and who I was sleeping with not just for content.

I don't meet up with subscribers, or followers, or other creators, to make content. I only shoot with folks I'm incredibly comfortable with and already know.

Are you open about what your job is with people?

It definitely depends on the person and the situation. I'm more likely to tell acquaintances that are around my age what I do for a living, but I wouldn't necessarily tell my parents' friends. My dad and stepmom know, but my extended family do not. It comes down mostly to how comfortable I am with that person and whether or not I think they're comfortable with sex work and wouldn't judge me. For the most part, I tell people I work in social media marketing, which honestly isn't far off.

How much do you spend on lingerie and sex toys?

More than I should, y'all should go buy me some. xo But actually, since January 2022, I've spent $575 on sex toys and if I had to guess? Maybe like $500 on lingerie, keeping in mind that I buy cheap af lingerie and also get some gifted to me. I'd like to order more bespoke higher quality pieces but I'm just not there yet financially (and, let's be honest, my weight fluctuates too much lately that I'm worried about investing in a piece and then not being able to fit into it anymore). My dream is to own some pieces from Solstice Intimates and Thistle and Spire. Hopefully some day.

Do you get turned on during work or is it all fake?

The nice thing about working for yourself, is that you get to make your own schedule. I typically only shoot masturbation videos when I'm actually in the mood. Luckily, I also happen to have a pretty high sex drive which makes finding the right time fairly easy most days. I've also 100% gotten myself off to my own content before, or gotten so turned on from shooting photos that I needed to get myself off, so it's not particularly difficult, ha.

Hope you've enjoyed this updated FAQ! If you've got any other questions, never hesitate to reach out via socials, email or on my pages! xo

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