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Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

There's a few questions I get asked fairly often so I figured I'd put them all in one place, along with some that were specifically sourced for this post. So let's get to it and answer your burning questions!

  1. What made you decide to become a content creator/sex worker? I've always been pretty in tune with my sexuality and open about it. I was always the friend who talked frankly about sex, sometimes to a fault. I've also always loved showing off that sexuality, although not as publicly in the past. But I've always been a big fan of a thirst trap. When OnlyFans started getting bigger at the start of the pandemic, I had a few people ask me if I'd start one, and the question kept coming up for a year. In March 2021, I was off work for a couple months and decided it was a good time to test it out. I figured there was no harm in trying and seeing what kind of response I'd get. I told myself if I got less than 24 followers in 24 hours, I wouldn't move ahead because there wasn't enough interest. I got 50 subscribers in the first 12 hours. And so, my career in the sex industry began!

  2. Where do you live? Can we meet up? I live on the East Coast of Canada and don't like to disclose anything more specific than that. I don't do any in-person work so there's no incentive for me to have folks know exactly where I am (plus I like to keep at least some mystery and allure!) Where I don't do any in-person work, that also includes not flying out to meet subscribers or followers, but if ever we're at a wrestling show together or something, don't be shy - come say hi! Just don't expect anything more than that!

  3. Is this your only source of income? I currently work a vanilla day job, but this is definitely my passion. I'm working hard to get to a point where I can rely on this as my sole income and put all of my energy into my content and my subscribers/followers, instead of just doing this on my "off time". I think it'll make me considerably happier and will create better content, making for even happier subscribers, too! I currently have a timeline and a couple goals I want to hit before I make the jump, but I'm hoping it'll be sooner rather than later!

  4. How much time do you spend on content creation? This is a hard question to answer, because it's not something I've ever sat down and calculated. I spend a few hours a week shooting or filming content for the upcoming week, but that doesn't count the hours I spend replying to messages, going live on cam, posting to social media to increase my #brandawareness, creating marketing materials, editing videos, etc. It's definitely a full-time job in and of itself!

  5. Do you prefer coming up with your own content ideas or taking requests? Honestly, I LOVE getting custom requests or even just ideas on what people want to see. I feel I have a pretty good grasp of what people want from my content, and I know what I like to put together and what's fun for me, but sometimes I need a bit of a creative push, so I like getting suggestions and requests. Sometimes it's something outside of my wheelhouse or completely new to me that forces me to think outside the box a bit and to get out of my comfort zone and I absolutely love that. I love being able to flex my creative muscles a bit and I've had some cool requests that I never would've thought of on my own, so I definitely like having a good balance of both!

  6. How do you keep coming up with content? Do you ever hit a creative block? One of the biggest worries I had before starting on any subscription based sites, was the fear that I wouldn't have enough ideas to make it sustainable. I worried that people would get bored after just a couple weeks because I could only do a couple poses in a couple different lingerie sets and that would be it. But I found that having daily themes has really been helpful. While some people might find it a bit creatively stifling to have to adhere to a schedule, it actually gives me more ideas because it's easier for me to say "What should I do for this week's Music Monday or Fetish Friday?" instead of " what?" It's like giving myself a thesis statement instead of just looking at a blank page. I have an idea of where to start and that helps me get going. Plus, the longer I'm here, the more I get to know subscribers and what interesting kinks they have, and it helps me create new content I never would've even thought of before!

  7. Have you considered branching out to other sites/aspects of sex work, like PornHub, phone sex, etc? I've considered branching out in a couple ways, primarily more cam work and longer fetish clip sales. But at the moment, where I'm working full-time in addition to working on subscription-based platforms, I just don't have the time to dedicate to trying to grow an audience on different platforms or try my hand at new aspects of the trade. Maybe down the line once I'm doing this exclusively full-time!

  8. What equipment do you use to create content? This is probably the worst, but I truly just use my iPhone 8 lmao. I have a couple ring lights that help get angles I couldn't usually get on my own, but I have the most basic of set ups. I'm hoping to invest in a real camera down the road so that I can get some better shots, especially in low light, but right now I'm just rocking a phone and a tripod, basically!

  9. You must be super confident to post the photos that you do! YOU WOULD CERTAINLY THINK SO. I'm considerably more confident than I used to be, but I have body issues just like everyone else! Sometimes I just am not feeling myself at all and have zero desire to shoot content. Sometimes I think I look amazing and then feel awful once I see the photos. But honestly, turns out having a bunch of folks jerk off to you regularly is a real confidence boost. I've realized that if there's a part of me I don't like, someone thinks it's hot or cute or sexy. It's helped me embrace a lot of my insecurities in a way I never would have expected! But I still get self-conscious all the time and it can be a bit of a struggle, especially when there's a slow week (or month!).

  10. How much of your content is edited? Honestly, very little. I fuck around with lighting or brush out a pimple, but that's about where it ends. It's certainly not because I don't have the desire to tweak a shot here and there, but a) I am fucking terrible at editing and can't be bothered to learn enough to make it look natural and b) much like what I said in the previous question, this job has helped me embrace a lot of my insecurities: my belly rolls, my big nose, my ass (which I've never been particularly fond of, but people seem to really like!). If I was editing those parts of myself and having people compliment me on it, I think it would just start a bad cycle of me thinking "they don't even like the real me, they just like a fake version I've created; if they saw my real body they wouldn't like it as much!" and that's something I'm just not going to do to myself. Besides, I pride myself on being genuine and authentic, and photoshopping myself would really go against that.

  11. Can you talk a bit about the business aspect of your work? What does the 'hustle' of it entail? There's a lot of sex workers and content creators out there; the hardest part is cutting through the noise and being noticed. I spend a lot of time online on social media trying to get my name out there - posting frequently, taking part in trending hashtags, networking with other content creators/sex workers (and photographers!), keeping my finger on the pulse of new sites or opportunities to either increase my followers or simply get my name out there. So much of it is about self-promotion. I worked in the music industry for over a decade, so I approach a lot of this the way I used to approach my band/solo career: understanding your audience, creating a marketing plan to increase your awareness among your desired demographic, pumping out content that is relevant to them. I might look like I'm just spending all my time on social media for fun (and I mean, I am) but it all serves a purpose in the end. Other than that, I also keep an Excel spreadsheet of all my content laid out month by month, topic by topic, theme by theme, etc. so that it's all in one place and keeps me on track. I am constantly looking out for inspiration from other creators on new themes, new poses, lingerie ideas, costumes, etc. I hate making it sound so clinical and boring, but at the end of the day, sex work is work - I have to do all the things I'd need to in any other line of work, there's just a few extra hurdles to jump through at times to get to the desired destination because of laws and TOS in place that makes it harder to promote.

  12. What would you tell someone who's looking to become a content creator? I can't give much information about all the different aspects of sex work, since I mainly just cam and do subscription pages, but I think the main thing really is finding your niche. There's enough tits and ass to last a lifetime on the internet - what makes you unique? Why would people want to keep coming back to you and support you? It's not about being the hottest, it's all about building connections. I think the reason I've been as successful (depending on your idea of success) as I have, is because I'm basically just me - I let a lot of my personality shine through, I talk to people about common interests, and I do my best to create actual relationships with my subscribers and followers. That's honestly one of the best parts of the job for me - getting to know everyone who subscribes! You really need to consider what your market is, just like any other kind of business. Once you figure that out, the rest comes a lot more easily. Other than that, get a thick skin - it's a ruthless business. I recently lost 100 subscribers in the span of two weeks, and I have to not let that completely consume me with questions of "Am I not hot enough? Is my content not interesting enough? What did I do to turn them off? Am I not worth it?" and realize there's myriad reasons why someone may not resubscribe that have nothing to do with you as a creator. Just keep your head up, keep grinding, and soon the work will pay off.

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