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Two Years as a Content Creator

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

March 16, 2021 I uploaded my first posts to OnlyFans. I thought it'd be something I'd do for a couple months just to try it out, assuming it wouldn't go anywhere. Little did I know that two years later, I'd be successfully self-employed for 17 months and happier than I've ever been in my career.

This job has given me so much: self-confidence, for one - not only in my looks but in my abilities to run a business. Every day I wake up and am so grateful to be my own boss, but it wouldn't be possible without my work ethic, organization and skill. I feel more validation in this career than in any other job, because this is all sink or swim by myself. It's a lot of pressure, but it also makes me feel so strong knowing that I'm capable of this on my own.

I've become a better, more confident public speaker thanks to camming, and video chats have given me the opportunity to become better one-on-one with people. I'm a lot more shy around folks I don't know than you'd think, but this job has helped me come out of my shell.

I have the chance to get creative every day, not only with shoots, but also with my PPV & cam games, my blogs, my playlists, my marketing. I've been able to find an industry and a career where I can incorporate things I love, like music and wrestling, into every aspect of my work. It's what helps keeps me passionate about the work that I do - I get to talk about and show off things I genuinely love. How many jobs let you do that?

This career has allowed me to get to know so many incredible people, from subscribers, to other creators, to social media mutuals who've become dear friends. I constantly talk about how lucky I am to have such a great group of friends and supporters, but I truly mean it. Whether it's bailing me out when flights get cancelled or sending words of encouragement when times are low, to late night group chats to podcast invites, it's honestly been so reassuring to know so many people have my back.

I've been lucky enough to travel more than I ever have in my life thanks to the flexibility and freedom of this job. I never thought I'd get so many cool life experiences and get to see so many amazing wrestling shows thanks to this job.

I've always said I wanted to find some way to share my stories with the world, and sure, maybe it's just a porn vlog, but my Storytime Saturday series feels like a way to share the strange but true things that have happened to me (along with the fun and sexy and adventurous things, too!) I'm literally getting to do the things I've always wanted - all thanks to porn.

Don't let me paint it like it's some kind of flawless masterpiece. There's cons, like any other job. It's emotionally draining to be everything to everyone, to constantly have to be a fantasy even when you don't feel like one, to deal with the negative comments about your body and your face and your personality. We put everything out there, and people aren't always kind. There are folks stealing content, social media profiles being banned, dating woes, real life stigma. It's a lot.

You can say it's not a real job all you want, but I put my entire heart and soul into this work in a way I never cared enough to before, and I will work my ass off to prove you wrong.

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