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Six Months

This week marks six months since I've become a *~content creator~* and it's wild to think it's been this long already. Truth be told, part of the reason it took me so long to step foot into this world was because I was so worried that I wouldn't ever have enough creativity to come up with different themes, poses, outfits - essentially, enough content - to make it worth people's while. I thought I'd maybe have enough ideas for a couple weeks, and now here we are six months later.

I still get excited about doing shoots, about scouting locations for my next AirBNB or hotel trip, coming up with ideas for theme days. I've started camming, which is something I never thought I'd get into again, but I'm really enjoying it.

Honestly the only downside is not having as much time to dedicate to this as I'd like to. I work a full-time office job. I finish the days and I'm too exhausted to dedicate time to this

. I can only realistically make content once or twice a week, and feel like I'm rushing through it a bit sometimes. Not because I want to get it over with or because I don't feel motivated, but because I don't have the time to take the time. Y'know?

So part of me is really starting to question what my priorities are, and honestly, it's this. I want to put more time into making content, into branching off into different types of sex work, have more consistent camming hours. Am I at a place where I can quit my day job to focus on this entirely, just six months in? I think we're going to find out soon.

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