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Summer Bucket List

I recently got home from a two-week long road trip across the US. I got to see so many friends, amazing wrestling shows, cheesy museums, and lots of beautiful scenery. I went to see the grandeur of Niagara Falls, teared up at the Beatles exhibit at the Rock'n Roll Hall of Fame, got spooked at Count Orlok's Nightmare Gallery in Salem, and got to see some of the best death match wrestlers out there at GCW'S Tournament of Survival and Cage of Survival.

There are so many things I could say about this trip (and I will - during my Storytime Saturday segment on my pages!), but most importantly, it made me feel so grateful that I have a job that allows me the flexibility of being able to just take a couple weeks off work to go travel and explore and see friends. I don't think anyone realizes just how important these trips are to me.

I sometimes get told by people that my life is so exciting; that I get to go on all these adventures. And I do! But my every day life? It's pretty boring. I live by myself with my cat, I spend most of my time on my phone scrolling through the internet because the pandemic means I grew apart from a lot of my more casual friendships. I'd be lying if I said it doesn't get lonely sometimes. Plus, I literally have a series where I recount my fun adventures. How am I supposed to get any fun adventure stories when all I do is read tweets and watch wrestling on my couch? When life is so. boring at home, I look forward to moments that might lead to a good story. I live for the times where I can hit the road and feel like the main character for a few days. (Though it does mean there's always some pretty extreme post-trip blues when I'm hit with reality again.)

Crossing the border has become more and more of a hassle (I've been getting lots of trouble when crossing the last few times because I've been to the US so often, but like damn, just let me watch wrestling with my friends, TSA!) and it made me realize that my summer adventures would likely all need to be on this side of the border because I want to take a bit of time before I head to the States again. (Should I write an entire blogpost about how sex work is still stigmatized? Like the fact that I had a damn panic attack the entire time I was questioned because I was so scared they'd ask me what my job is then not allow me entry on the basis of my work?)

Initially I was really upset at the prospect of staying home all summer, because I always feel most myself and at my best when I'm traveling. It's when I'm my most adventurous and curious and outgoing. I love those aspects of my personality, but I spend so much of my time at home just on the couch doing work or spacing out while scrolling through social media instead of going out and exploring my city. Isn't that always the way? There isn't as much urgency to go out and experience things when they're always available to you. You take all the scenery and museums and activities for granted.

But this summer? This summer I want it to be different. I have all the flexibility in the world with regards to work, meaning I can get that ice cream with a friend, I can take the afternoon off to go to the beach or a little seaside road trip when it's nice out. I have no excuses this year, so let's get out there and experience life, shall we?

Here's what I'm hoping to do this summer:

  • Visit a local museum

  • Go to the beach or lake at least 3 times

  • Have a picnic with friends

  • Catch an outdoor concert

  • Road trip across the seashore

  • Go to the drive-in

  • Eat out at more local restaurants

  • Shop at the Farmer's Market

  • Go to karaoke

  • Go to a trivia night

There's a few other things on the list, but that feels pretty solid and doable! Now y'all need to keep me accountable so that when I talk about how boring my life is, you remind me of all the possibilities right in my own backyard.

Let's make this one for the ages!

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