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A Week In the Life of a Sex Worker

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

I'm not sure that people know what I actually *do*, to the point that folks often ask me what my "real job" is or act like I have nothing but free time. So I thought it might be fun to track what I do for an entire week so y'all can get a sense of what it's like behind the scenes!



Woke up and it's really grey and depressing out. I didn't fall asleep until 6am the night before - I'm honestly not sure why, I just kept tossing and turning. Feeling way too tired to do any shooting, so decide to do admin work instead (Monday is usually a content day, but sometimes I switch it up a bit). So after breakfast (around 1130am), I decide to get things started.


Queue up about 2 weeks worth of posts which takes me way longer than you'd expect (about 2 hours) because I have two separate platforms to update and videos take forever to load sometimes. If you follow me, you know I also tend to have a lot of updates about my life, stories about what records mean to me, updates about the wrestling world, etc. so the captions can take a while because sometimes it turns into mini blogs.

Queue up Instagram posts - I just keep them in drafts and pre-write captions, most of the time)

Create graphics for a couple videos - my graphic design skills are severely lacking so I do all of this in Canva because it's free and easy as hell to use. I create custom icons for all my videos in my LoyalFans video store so that folks know what to expect from the content. I also double it as a post in my OnlyFans highlight reel because they somehow still don't have a damn video store.

Update Excel spreadsheet - I have a spreadsheet with all my expenses, revenue tracking, content schedules, content prompts, etc. so I spend a bit of time updating the budget side of things along with filling in my content calendar. I post twice a day every day on my platforms, so there's lots of content to create and I have to keep it all written down so I remember what stories I've told, what lingerie I've shot in recently, what backgrounds I've been using, etc. evening

Realized I never posted my Music Monday playlist, so I work on that...but then I get too into it, and end up creating 3 different playlists. Only really takes about 30 minutes or so, though, because I already knew the exact songs and vibes I wanted.

Do some question/AMA type games on Twitter and Instagram for *~engagement~*. I literally see a direct correlation between how much I post on social media vs how many subscribers I get, so I try to be pretty active every day. I'm basically on social media all day and night - and constantly checking my sites to answer chats there, too. People assume I spend lots of time talking to subscribers, and I do! But it's not just subscribers I chat with lots, it's social media followers, too. I see so many folks dismiss messages they receive from non-subscribers, but these are potential subscribers so why wouldn't you respond? I've had so many subscribers who were long-time followers and then eventually took the plunge once they started knowing me more - all I'm saying is, don't discount non-subscribers!

Stayed up chatting with folks until approximately 2am.


morning Woke up early to get my bangs trimmed. I've noticed I'm way more invested in my appearance nowadays (I never used to care about my nails at all, but I try to get them done every couple months now). That said, the bang trim is because I'm heading to Dallas and wanna look my best, but still. My beauty budget has definitely increased ever since looking at myself on camera so much.


Since I didn't shoot any content yesterday, it's a big one this afternoon. I end up shooting:

  • 2 Storytime Saturdays videos

  • 2 Toy Tuesdays videos

  • 8 different thirst-trap type photo sets (I call any non-theme day shoot a thirst trap because it's just my "whatever other content to fill up the page" stuff)

  • 2 videos of me being a tease to use in socials

  • 1 topless dick rating for a subscriber

Overall, I took a total of 150 photos to have about 40 usable photos that'll get posted. I'm too lazy and lack the know-how for editing, so the most I do in terms of photo editing is cropping Binx out of the frame or removing a pimple. I'm sometimes tempted to do things like shrink my stomach or make my ass bigger but again, I don't really know how to do that without it looking obvious, and I also feel weird presenting a fake image of myself. I get a lot of confidence from my work, and if I was posting a bunch of edited photos, I think it would sink my self-esteem - I'd constantly be wondering if folks actually like me or like the fake version I posted. Besides, the last thing I want is for people to say "She doesn't even look like her photos"/be disappointed when they see me in person. All that to say, luckily, editing doesn't take me much time at all. I don't even really fuck around with the lighting or anything because I find the natural light in my condo really great and ever since I upgraded to an iPhone 12, the image is super crisp and clear.

evening I get a request for a paragraph dick rating, which I LOVE to do. It's quick and easy and I get paid to judge people. What's not to love?

At 1030pm I remember I wanted to write a blog, so I put the movie I was watching aside and put together an article about what I'm excited for during Mania Week. I'm lucky that I've been working in communications so long and have an English degree, because I'm used to having to write under tight deadlines and can usually bang things out pretty quickly.


morning I'm lazy as fuck and wake up around 1130am. Don't judge me.

afternoon Shoot content between 1230PM-5PM, including:

  • 2 Music Mondays photo sets

  • Freaky Friday photo set

  • A 10 minute custom for a subscriber

  • A bra measurement video

  • 3 thirst trap photo sets

  • 1 Wrestling Wednesday photo set

This wouldn't usually take that long, but I keep pausing to flirt with someone I'm hoping to hang out with in Dallas. Oops.

Overall, 280 photos taken for about 60 usable ones (I say that, but probably only about half of those will actually get posted, though some might get used on socials).

evening Sit in on a LoyalFans webinar about what fans see on your page/the platform while cooking supper. Really love that LoyalFans has these webinars to get some tips and tricks from other sex workers, tech support, and industry professionals (they had a great session on doxing from a lawyer once!). I write some notes down in my phone for ideas and immediately change my profile photo on LoyalFans based on some of the feedback from the session. .

After supper, I sit down to start working on this blog post and updating the Excel spreadsheet again.

Get a request for a $100 video I don't even have to be nude in DIRECTLY bc of a tweet. If you wonder why I tweet so fucking much, this is why. Nice.

Tweet about how that made me money and immediately get THREE new subscribers within 2 minutes and a $10 tip from a current sub! NICE.

Was gonna read to unwind before Dynamite but someone requested a sexting session...then stopped replying. I put off reading waiting to hear back from the subscriber but he never replied back, so I decide to read after Dynamite while I'm in the bath. Got 2 15-minute sexting session requests, that actually show up this time, did them from the bath, never got to read.



Wake up and scroll through social media and my pages. Did I mention I usually spend 30 minutes in bed responding to all my messages in the morning every day before actually getting breakfast? I do.

Got asked to do an interview for a big wrestling site! Woke up to lots of new subscribers! Life is good.

afternoon Go through and delete a bunch of photos to clean up phone so that it makes it easier to find the right videos/photos to send to subscribers/upload.

My dad calls and we talk about taxes. Glad he's supportive of my job, but I am so sick of talking about taxes and budgets. But it is a huge part of being self-employed, because I have to track every little thing.

After the call, I sit down to look through sex toys/wish lists to update them, this takes like 2 hours because I end up on too many websites browsing. It pays off, though. Someone bought me the rechargeable magic wand and a leather catsuit I added to the lists.


Around 8PM - after reading a couple chapters of the book, finally - I put on some matches from last weekend and start scheduling more posts for my pages. Also decide to do an AMA on IG bc I haven't posted on it much during the day.


morning Wake up with a headache and a bunch of rain, it's gonna be a rough day, I just know it.


Make two separate 10-minute long custom videos for subscribers. One of which I bang out in one shot, the other takes me probably 45 minutes and multiple takes. Need to stitch them all together in iMovie. I don't know a bunch about editing, but I learn as I go, because I kind of have to since I'm a one-woman show.

Film 2 shorter JOI videos. (I've had a few people ask what these are - it means Jerk Off Instruction and I LOVE THEM. I love being able to talk dirty and tell people when to cum. I'm not much of a domme, but I can get into it when I have to and I love getting to explore that side of my personality a bit more).

evening Cry about friendships and the pandemic for a bit.

Order pizza covered by subscribers because they're the best and look out for me when I'm sad.

Do a couple sexting sessions before bed.

SATURDAY afternoon

Wake up way late (noon).

My photoshoot for the day with a photographer (rare; I've only done this 3 times, I typically shoot everything myself, did I mention that??) gets cancelled. Secretly relieved because I was still feeling down from the night before and didn't feel like being sexy today.

Make a video to sell as a PPV while in the shower. Gotta find ways to maximize content time, so if I can find a way to make content out of stuff I'm already doing, may as well film it!


Actively decide to be super lazy all day because it's the last lazy day I'll have until I get back from Dallas. Make an effort to not post online much and get a message from a subscriber asking if I'm okay because they hadn't seen me posting. It honestly really warmed my heart to see that if I took a bit of a step back, that people noticed that I wasn't chatting along with folks. Makes me feel cared about, even if it's by folks I've never met, still means a lot.

And that's about it! That's a pretty typical week for me - 3 days of content making, 2 days of admin work, constantly looking at my phone every waking moment.

Hope you've enjoyed looking into the life of a content creator and seeing how we make the magic happen!

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