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Taking a Leap

It's hard for me to even really know what to type. I have so many emotions flowing and thoughts racing through my head that it's hard to pin just one down.

I quit my job.

I gave my notice and am going to be a content creator full-time. I don't know if it'll be for just a few months, or if it'll be as successful as I hope it will, but what I do know is that I couldn't be in that job environment any longer.

From complete lack of support to being literally bullied by my boss, the place had started to feel too toxic, causing me to fall into a depression. It's made it difficult to feel motivated to do my other job, the one I actually like doing but requires me to look and feel my best. Which I very much haven't recently. So SW was taking a backseat, which made me feel `even worse. I felt the quality of my work declining and the amount of energy I was putting into it was abysmal, which was making it a lot harder to make the money I had been making previously.

So I resigned. As of 5pm today, I am officially self-employed. I am so excited to take some time to fully focus on myself, to put my mental health first, and to finally dedicate the time and energy that I want to on SW.

I'm going to take the next week or two to focus on recharging, getting my place back to a nice livable condition, cooking myself some real meals, hitting the gym again, aka all the things I didn't have the energy for anymore. And then I'll be hitting the ground running - doing more consistent and frequent camming, upping the quality of my website content, maybe looking into some phone or sexting work. We'll see!

This is such a scary time for me, but also a really exciting one. I hope you'll help support me along this journey! xo

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