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Subscriber Dos & Don'ts

I've been a content creator for nearly a year and a half now, and while I'm still learning new things about sex work every day, I have discovered a few things that I both love (and don't) that subscribers do. This post isn't to shame any subscribers, but simply to help show the perspective of a creator to help us both have the best experience! So if you want to know how to be the teacher's pet, read on.

DO let us know you're enjoying our content! Whether it's sending a quick note about a custom video, or a "just because" review, they're not only a great ego boost, but it's also really helpful to know what people are responding to. It helps curate our content and is literally the only "performance review" we have. Many of us are self-employed, which means we don't have a boss telling us whether or not we're on the right track, we need you to let us know what content you like seeing most! It's also really appreciated to receive feedback after a custom video - a quick thank you makes a world of difference. If I don't hear anything back from someone after I sent them a custom, I can, and will think "they couldn't say anything nice so they said nothing at all." So consider a quick thanks - or even better, a "good girl" note.

DON'T get upset if the creator isn't immediately available. When there aren't any formal business hours, it can be difficult to gauge when a creator might be available for a session, a chat, or a custom. But remember, a number of creators are a one-person shop and don't have the capacity to respond to messages or be available for all sessions as often as we'd like. I once had someone ask if I responded more quickly on my pages than on social media...after I responded within 4 minutes of the message being sent. Unless you want to interact with a bot, you can't expect immediate responses at all times. I wish I didn't need to sleep because sometimes I miss out on income by not being awake when someone wants a video or sexting session, but we all need breaks. I've stopped doing customs on the weekends for the most part because I wasn't giving myself any days off, and frankly, I deserve days off just as much as anyone else. So be patient, be kind!

DO send tips! While your subscription is so incredibly appreciated (seriously - the knowledge that I have at least x amount / month relieves a lot of stress) but tips are what make the difference between whether I'm just scraping by for bills that month or if I get to ball out and buy the fancy cheese even when it's not on sale. Think of your subscription as the entry fee to a strip club - you're not gonna just walk in there without some ones, are you? If there's a particular photo set you really loved or if a creator really knocked it out of the park with a custom, show 'em some love with a tip! I promise it'll be incredibly appreciated, even if it's just a few bucks!

DON'T try to haggle prices, push boundaries or try to extend your sexting/Skype/call sessions for free. You wouldn't go into a pizza shop and ask them to give you a large pizza for the size of the medium just because you don't have the extra cash - so why would you do the same with content creators? There's so much that goes into videos and photo sets - prep time for makeup and hair, lighting, room set up, sometimes even writing scripts and multiple takes and editing videos. Not to mention the cost of lingerie, makeup, nails, etc. AND the fact that most platforms take a 20% cut from every subscription and tip. We take all of these behind the scenes costs and energy output into account (along with the length of the video/amount of shots) when putting together our prices, Don't disrespect our time and effort by devaluing our work

DO spread the word! If you like a content creator, share their social media accounts or like and engage with their public content! Many platforms, including OnlyFans, don't have a way for creators to be discovered, so they're forced to rely on third party apps to be discovered. I've written before about how difficult it can be for sex workers on social media with shadowbanning (or outright bans, ugh) so sharing tweets, commenting on posts, etc. is invaluable. The more traction I get on social media directly affects how much money I make that month, so help your favourite creator out and show 'em some love on socials!

DON'T send unsolicited dick pics or vulgar messages to creators on social media. Just because we work in the sex industry doesn't give you a free pass to disrespect our boundaries. I (somehow) had literally never received an unsolicited dick pic until I became a sex worker. It's like someone sees that your job is sexual in nature and somehow thinks that's an open invitation for them to approach you sexually without any warning. I've received so many wild messages, from funny to, frankly, kind of scary. So remember, there's a real person behind the fantasy - approach them respectfully as you (hopefully) would anyone else.

DO read pinned posts, intro messages, etc. on pages. They're there to help you and most of the time have the answers to frequently asked questions! I put all my info in my intro messages and have 2 pinned posts on my OnlyFans - one for my tip menu and another is a literal "how-to" guide for booking video and sexting sessions, ordering customs, etc. It makes things so much easier if you take a few minutes to read the information that's already provided. I'm always happy to answer questions, but it can get a little exhausting when I have multiple people in a row asking me if I have any B/G videos for sale when it's explicitly stated that I do, where to find what's available, and how to purchase it in multiple, easy-to-find spots on my page. We get lots of messages in a day, make things a little easier for us!

DON'T expect every content creator to be the same! While some creators do a bit of everything, some stay within a certain niche, whether that's findom, giantess porn, foot content, etc. Not to mention, some creators are comfortable doing x-rated content while some stay exclusively in lingerie. Just like how a lot of people have different kinks they like seeing, creators also have varying services and content they like to provide! Make sure that you understand a creator's boundaries and specialities and know whether or not they'll be able to provide the type of content that you're looking for. Often, creators will have information on what they do/don't provide in their bio or tip menu, but if it's not readily available, their social media will likely provide some clues. Still not sure? I never mind someone reaching out on social media before subscribing to see what I do/don't provide as a service or as content, so keep that in mind!

DO keep the person separate from the performer. Remember, we're selling a fantasy, but that doesn't mean we don't have real lives - which sometimes means real partners, other jobs, etc. Don't make things weird. I've had people get upset with me for sleeping with people in the past, as if I'm not allowed to have my own personal sex life or relationships just because I cum for people on camera. I also want to make a note especially for those who know SWers in person. If the creator uses an alias, or even just a separate account for work purposes, make sure not to reach out to them about work on their personal account and don't use their real name on their work accounts. It can be jarring at times to have a subscriber refer to you as your personal name or reach out to you on your personal accounts, and it can also be exhausting to not have a place to be able to get away from work a bit. Don't cross those personal boundaries!

DON'T REPOST/SHARE PAYWALLED CONTENT. I can't believe this is one I need to even write, but I'm leaving it to the very end so that it's the last thing you remember from this article: Just because you have access to someone's content, doesn't give you the right to share that content with others. Whether it's by letting a friend scroll through a creator's page, creating a photo album of printed photos of a creator and showing it to friends (which, believe it or not, has happened to be in the past), or going a step further and posting the content on message boards or social media, just don't do it. Not only is it incredibly violating, but you're also taking money out of a small business' pockets and fucking with someone's income. It's also hella illegal and goes directly against platforms' terms of service. It's so incredibly crushing for creators to find out about a content leak, so please remember that there are people behind the personas and that what you're doing is devastating to them. Don't do it - or else you'll spend the rest of your life walking with a pebble in your shoe.

Thanks! <3

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