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Shaken, Not Stirred

Some of you may have heard the news about OnlyFans banning sexual content from their site beginning October 1, 2021. This is such a huge blow to me, and so many others. I haven't been in the game as long as other sex workers have, but I just celebrated my 5th month on OnlyFans just a few days ago and was so excited to see my page continue to grow.

I have a list of goals - everything from subscriber counts, to site ranking to social media followers. I have put in so many hours worth of work into building a strong subscriber base, creating content, finding my footing and my voice.

It feels like all of that has just been ripped out from under me.

My goal for the end of this year was to be secure enough to quit my office job. Not because I don't enjoy working but because the two months I had off to be on stress leave were some of the best months I've ever had in my adult life. I finally felt stress-free, I felt a sense of freedom I haven't felt in so long. I was eating better, sleeping better, going on walks. I was feeling happy and healthy. I want to go back to that. But this is just such a step backwards knowing that the platform that's allowed me to do all of this is turning its back on the very people who made it thrive. OnlyFans is nothing without sex workers. And this is just yet another demonstration that the stigma associated with sex work continues to hurt workers. People had found a relatively safe way to make money, and it's being taken away from them. I'm lucky to have a back-up office job, but what about those that don't? Where do they go from here?

The only thing making me feel better is hearing from my subscribers saying they'll follow me on different platforms if it comes to that, and for that I am so grateful. Without getting too mushy, my subscribers are everything to me. They've been supporting me since day one, not only financially, but emotionally, too. It would suck to lose this way to connect.

As upset as I am, I'm determined to work even harder to still meet my goals - whether it's on OnlyFans or on another site (or multiple others). I want to be independent, I want to have the freedom I felt during those 2 months again, and I'm not going to let this setback derail everything I've worked so hard for so far.

Hope you'll continue to follow me along this often rough and bumpy journey xo

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