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LOYALFANS VS ONLYFANS: What's the Difference?

I often get asked what platform I prefer folks to subscribe to, what the pros and cons are of each site, whether or not there are any differences in content, etc. and so I've compiled a list of what to expect from the platforms themselves and what Willow Raven content you'll find on each site.


  • CONTENT! My twice daily posts, x-rated PPVs, and mass message games are all the same on both platforms! Don't feel like you're missing out by choosing one over the other.

  • FREE MONTHLY CONTENT FOR AUTOMATIC SUBSCRIPTION RENEWALS Whether you're a subscriber on OnlyFans or LoyalFans, you're getting something special in your inbox once a month if you have your auto-renew option turned on! Much of the time, this is a fun short clip of x-rated content, but I switch it up each month. Either way, it's always worth turning your renewal on for!

  • PAYOUT Both platforms take a 20% cut, so you don't need to have a moral dilemma on which site has a better payout rate. That said, LoyalFans hosts International Content Creators Day once a year where 100% of all revenue made on that specific day will go to creators' pockets. It's a great way for creators to drum up excitement for new subscribers to sign up, get folks to order customs, dick rates, etc on that day AND you get a bit of a revenue boost from that extra 20%! And as a subscriber, you get to feel good knowing that your favourite creator is getting an extra pay bump that month!

  • REFERRAL PROGRAM This is mainly going to be of interest to fellow creators, but while both LoyalFans and OnlyFans have 5% referral bonuses on creators' income (so any creator you refer, you get a 5% commission on their earnings. This is taken from the 20% cut each company takes - NOT from the creator's earnings themselves [phew!]), LoyalFans also has 5% earnings from every customer you refer. So if a subscriber uses your referral link, you get 5% of what they spend on any other creator on the site. If your subscriber's a big spender, this can be a pretty lucrative way to gain passive income.


  • PUBLIC, FOLLOWERS (PAYPAL!) & SUBSCRIBERS LoyalFans has 3 tiers of fans: public (anyone & everyone), followers (only those who, well, follow you - this is a free tier), and subscribers (paid subscription). You can choose which tier each post will be displayed under (unlike OnlyFans, which requires you to have two separate accounts if you want one free profile and one paid profile) NOTE: I do not have a free OnlyFans, so the only way to see any content whatsoever on OnlyFans is by subscribing with the monthly fee. FOR THOSE LOOKING TO SUBSCRIBE ON LOYALFANS AND WANT TO KNOW WHICH TIER TO CHOOSE: - Public (free) posts are essentially limited to my pinned welcome/tip menu posts and sometimes notifications that I'm going live. - My followers (free) get to see essentially what I post on social media (implied nude, lingerie pics). Followers get charged $0.25/message in the chat. Note that chat is free for subscribers! Followers can also choose to purchase individual posts/videos/send tips either by credit card or Paypal! For those who use Paypal exclusively, you can't subscribe with it, but this is a way for you to be able to purchase content. OnlyFans does not have any Paypal options at this time. - Subscribers ($9,99/month) get all daily photo and video content, including topless pics and the occasional bottomless pic or other x-rated content (though a fair warning: most of my x-rated content is through PPVs or customs and costs to be accessed).

  • VIDEO STORE (((EXCLUSIVE CONTENT))) This is honestly one of the biggest bonuses for both creators and subscribers. The video store makes things so incredibly easy - upload a video once, forget about it, allow it to become passive income. Subscribers can get their video right away on demand no matter whether or not the creator's available. and creators don't have to spend time uploading a video every time a pre-made video gets purchased/ use a third-party site like Dropbox to host content. It makes the entire process so much smoother. IMPORTANT NOTE: I lost a ton of content in January 2022 when my laptop died so I no longer have access to the files themselves. That means my LoyalFans video store has (a limited number) of content that is unavailable to OnlyFans subscribers, including a 7-minute dual-camera doggy-style video. If you love buying videos, my LoyalFans will give you a greater variety of purchasable content.

  • SITE-WIDE DATABASE A cool feature for subscribers, is that LoyalFans allows you to see a database of content creators based on hashtag searches, who's on cam, who's available for a video call, and recently updated & new content creators. You can also use the database to search for videos from different creators! It's a pretty. neat feature and a way for creators to be discovered outside of traditional social media, which we all know can be a hellscape to try to promote on sometimes.

  • LIVE CAM SHOWS I try to do cam shows every couple weeks, and when I do, I use LoyalFans. Nothing against the OnlyFans live cam feature, but LoyalFans allows you to choose to be public, for followers only, or subscribers-only. By being open to non-subscribers during my more vanilla shows, I can be found by new folks browsing the site seeing that I'm online, or a social media follower who's maybe on the fence about subscribing can get a taste of what I offer. The ability to change the setting based on different content throughout the show has also proved to be a good way to get folks to subscribe - only subscribers get to see the x-rated stuff!

  • CREATOR SUPPORT If you're looking for a company to give your money to (remember - they both take 20%), whether it's as a subscriber or a creator, I'd highly recommend supporting and bringing your business to LoyalFans if an important aspect is creator support and satisfaction. Between hosting weekly free support webinars (everything from site overviews, creator spotlights, and even industry expert sessions like info about doxing & legal affairs) and helping with social media promotion of even smaller creators, the site is a lot more sex-work friendly than OnlyFans has ever been. They don't shy away from promoting sex workers, they were one of the few sites I think properly handled the MasterCard bullshit in terms of new restrictions and protocols, and they have actual people to reach out to. I know some of the staff by name! That's huge! But I can also say this much: LoyalFans has never fucked me over financially by telling me that my bank account details didn't work despite never having been changed, and it sure as hell hasn't happened 5 times now.


  • SEARCHING WITHIN A CREATOR'S PAGE One aspect where I think OnlyFans has a leg up (besides brand recognition) is their tagging abilities within a creator's page itself. My OnlyFans has multiple series grouped together (Music Monday, Storytime Saturday, Strip teases, x-rated content, feet, etc.) so it makes it super easy to binge a specific subset of content. LoyalFans doesn't currently have a similar system within a creator's page, but uses hashtags to search the site itself, including any user who uses the tag. So if you're looking for feet on LoyalFans, you'll find a ton of content from various creators tagged feet, not just mine! That said, I've gotten word that the LF tagging system is getting a facelift soon, so looking forward to seeing what the new capabilities will be!

  • STORY REELS Do you love an Instagram story? Do you miss fleets? Well, you can enjoy a short 24 hour clip on OnlyFans! I'll be honest, I don't use this feature much, if only because I don't like using one site for content that the other doesn't get, but since the stories allow you to save them in specific highlights, I use it as a way to display what videos I have for sale. It's a little makeshift video store to show off what you've got for sale!

  • 50% OFF SUBSCRIPTION TO MONTHLY TOP FANS This is a feature I desperately want to see updated on LoyalFans' end - the ability to not only see my top-tipping subscribers each month, but also to provide them with a subscription discount. I've recently discovered that I can't offer a subscription discount on LoyalFans to an existing subscriber, unless they unsubscribe then resubscribe (and why go through all that trouble?) but even then, I can't easily track who my top subscribers per month are, whereas OnlyFans does the math and gives me a list on the 1st of each month. So if you're someone who loves spending money on your favourite creator (which I hope I am!), whether it be through tributes or content purchases, the best way to get recognized for your support is on OnlyFans!


Look, I think you can easily tell which platform I prefer. HOWEVER, I'm well aware that OnlyFans is a bigger, more recognizable brand that a larger number of the population will feel more comfortable signing up for. I get that, and that's why I still have an OnlyFans (I have 6x the subscribers on OF, I'd be shooting myself in the foot if I got rid of it at this point), but if it were up to me, I'd get everyone switched over to LoyalFans. I haven't even gotten into all the different features they have that I, frankly, don't take advantage of enough, but there's plenty from a creator's perspective to take advantage of to make your page the best it can be.

But at the end of the day, I'm just grateful and happy for the support whichever form it takes, so as long as you're signing up to one, then my day is made! Just hope this helps give some answers to those who have questions! xo

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1 Comment

Oct 09, 2023

Your willingness to share these insights can help your audience understand the differences and make an informed choice. Keep up the good work in catering to your subscribers' preferences and maximizing the potential of your chosen platforms!

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