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Looking Back: 2022

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

2022 was one hell of a memorable year for me. My first full year self-employed. Multiple wrestling trips. New friendships. Growing existing friendships. Professional goals set and reached. All in all, a banner year.

I wanna take a moment to reminisce about some of my favourite moments from this past year, and what I hope to achieve and experience in 2023!

Things that made me smile and feel good in 2022:

  • Was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal

  • First year fully self-employed

  • Went to the first Canadian AEW shows in Toronto

  • Appeared on multiple podcasts (find links to them all here!)

  • Attended my first Wrestlemania Weekend/Collective in Dallas

  • Finally painted my kitchen (I've been procrastinating on this for 3 years, it's a big accomplishment!)

  • Finally made some merch, like 8x10s, stickers and pins! (see 'em here!)

  • Made new friends & a new home aka my GCW family & The Showboat

  • Made it to the top 2% on OnlyFans

  • Went on 2 big road trips!

  • Went to my first kink party

  • Started camming regularly

  • Went to GCW at the Hammerstein Ballroom

The list could go on and on. I'm so grateful for what 2022 has brought me, and I truly couldn't have experienced all these incredible moments without the people who've been supporting me, whether by subscribing to my pages, retweeting my posts, buying my merch, or coming to my cam shows. All of it means the absolute world to me, so thank you thank you thank you for letting this be my job, and my life.

Enough being sappy! 2023 already has lots of exciting things to look forward to, including the Taylor Swift concert I somehow got floor seats for, new cam games, and a very special new online project - details to come! But...

here's what I'm hoping to see happen in the new year:

  • Hit top 1% on OnlyFans

  • Finally read most of the books I own that I've never read

  • Start camming more often - and on new sites!

  • Go on a trip for my 35th birthday

  • Make more merch

  • Go to an AEW PPV

  • Travel internationally

Hoping you all had a great year, and here's to an even better one! Happy New Year, everyone! <3

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