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Zero. Finally. After being in the most debt I've ever been, I finally looked at my screen and saw zeroes on my credit card balance and my line of credit. It felt like absolute freedom. It meant finally getting a desperately needed new mattress. It meant savings for a rainy day (which came fast when I got into a car accident a few days ago). It meant the possibility of finally going back to Europe. But most of all, it meant not being absolutely weighed down by the crushing reality of having debt looming over you at all times.

I still have a lot of goals. Complete financial independence to not have to rely on an office job anymore being high on that list, but still. This felt incredible.

Having a page has made things so much easier for me. It's let me express myself in ways I don't often get to, it's reminded me of my worth, and helped keep the insecurities at bay. It's given me an outlet for creativity, for learning new skills like video editing and social media marketing. There's so much that goes into this outside of just posing for photos on the internet, and it can get exhausting and draining sometimes, especially where I have a whole other full-time job, but I'm so grateful for it every single day.

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