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I had my first OnlyFans cam session this weekend and it feels like such an achievement! I've tried camming in the past; I signed up to Chaturbate about 7 years ago but had a terrible experience - someone scammed me for a private show and then screen recorded it and posted it all over the internet. It was enough to make me shy away from camming ever again - until this weekend.

I've had just such a positive experience on OnlyFans that I felt comfortable enough to use that platform to try it again. And I felt just such a huge shift not just in my comfort level, but my confidence in myself, both personality and sexuality wise.

When I was on Chaturbate in my mid-20s, it wasn't showing off my tits that made me worried, it was whether or not people would find me interesting enough, or if I looked as uncomfortable as I felt, and whether or not I'd actually be sexy enough or if it would come off as awkward. But this weekend, I felt confident enough to know that I'd have stories to share and ways to interact to make an interesting enough stream for 2 hours. I leaned into my sexuality instead of being uncomfortable by it. I didn't worry about seeming awkward because I felt comfortable enough in my own skin to know that I'd make it interesting and entertaining and that people were tuning in because they already like me and wanted to see me be me.

It just feels so wonderful to realize just how far I've come in my confidence. I'm at a place I never thought I'd be, and that feels pretty nice.


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