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Diversifying Your ASSets

It's been just about 4 months now that I've decided to jump on the OnlyFans train. I feel like I've got a fairly good handle on it, enough so that I feel comfortable branching out a bit into some other sites, but which?

I don't think I've ever mentioned that I very very briefly tried camming in 2015, but it really wasn't for me. I felt so awkward, I didn't know what to do, I was scared to do what I could think of doing, and I didn't get any tips. In fact, I got scammed by someone who said they'd pay for a session via Amazon gifts but then revoked the gifts immediately after and screen recorded my (likely incredibly awkward) video session and put it up on a ton of sites. So after that, I wasn't exactly keen on continuing something I wasn't even doing very well at.

It's why it took me so long to finally decide to get an OnlyFans. I had such a bad time camming, that I was worried I'd feel too awkward posing or making content or even just coming up with the right tone. Would people want to see just me or did I have to put on a persona that didn't feel genuine? Would I be able to keep coming up with content ideas that wouldn't be boring? Why would someone want to follow me instead of the thousands of other amazing content creators out there?

But now that I've realized just being me and doing whatever that means (whether it be playing with my tits or talking about my tattoos or records I like) actually seems to work just fine. I feel more comfortable and confident in myself not only just as a ~*content creator*~, but as a person. I've grown a lot since that time and I think I want to expand a bit and try camming again, maybe sign up for SextPanther or some video sites.

I worry that I'd be biting off more than I can chew (since I'm still working a day job full-time as well) but I'd like to see if it makes it more feasible for me to not have to have that aforementioned day job.

Where would you like to see me? What kind of other content would you like to see me do?

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