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A Year Ahead

Last post, I talked a bit about my work goals for 2022, but what about my personal goals? I've got some of the same cliches about getting healthier that everyone makes every year, but recently, I decided on one that I really want to work towards.

Being in Philadelphia and New York over the last few months reminded me just how much I miss who I am in being cities and when I'm traveling. How much I miss being the spontaneous extrovert who tries new things and meets new people and goes on adventures. I miss being the fun girl, I miss walking among tall buildings and through bustling cities, I miss life. I miss being me.

You could blame things on the pandemic, but the truth is that even a couple years beforehand, I turned into a major homebody and have had a lot of conflicting feelings about it. I always feel my best once I've gone somewhere, experienced something, hung out with people. So why don't I do it anymore? Maybe I'm just too comfortable where I am at this point. I mean, I've been here 15 years.

So one of my major goals for this year, isn't necessarily to move, but to go explore more big cities more often. I want to try to travel through the US for 1-3 months in the late summer/early fall to give myself the chance to be the girl I miss again, but also to help me decide whether or not I just needed more time away, or if it's finally time to think about making a new home.

Either way, I'm excited to see where this year will take me!

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