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A Week In the Life of An OnlyFans Model - 2.0

It's been a while since I've done a Week In the Life segment, and seeing as how I'm a bit more established in a routine lately, I figured it was time for an update. So! Here's what a week as a content creator looks like for me:



I wake up around 11AM, but don't judge me too harshly - you'll understand why I wake up so late soon.

It's a content creation day, so after breakfast, I get ready and start shooting. On the list for today is a couple custom videos for subscribers, a few Toy Tuesday videos (a series on my fan sites where I show off my toy collection one item at a time, offering 25% discounts on any customs featuring that particular toy that week only). a few photo sets, and an attempt at creating reels and TikToks.

With reels becoming the favoured content type on Instagram, and where my account is already shadowbanned, thus limiting my appearance on people's feeds, I've been trying to create more reels so there's more video content to use on Instagram and TikTok. I don't find videos particularly easy for me; I never know what to shoot, what to say, what trends to do, etc. so it's been a learning curve. I gave up on TikTok a few months back after posting on it consistently 3 times a day for several weeks, but honestly it became so stressful to feel like i constantly had to produce videos that opening the app made me anxious.

That said, with the Elon Musk acquisition of Twitter, I'm worried that my main source of advertisement will take a real hit with a number of users threatening to quit the platform, and so I know I need to diversify and expand my online presence.


After shooting wraps up for the day, around 3PM, I head to an appointment and run some errands. The flexibility of my schedule is really one of the biggest perks, so I'm able to get my grocery shopping done at a time that isn't too busy, and can zip through the streets without getting caught in rush hour traffic. Bliss.


After a quick dinner, I get to work on some administrative tasks - I have a few 8x10s and underwear to ship out, so I package all my items and head to the post office. I also squeeze in a 30 minute sexting session with a subscriber before settling in to watch AEW Dynamite,

I'm absolutely exhausted tonight and can't wait to sleep so I head to bed around Midnight...except I end up tossing and turning until 130am when I finally decide that sleep isn't going to happen and decide to get some work done.

I take out my laptop and start working on some financial spreadsheets (I somehow messed up my accounting some time in July, so I had to go through all my account transactions and re-import them). I've also decided to start trying to use Reddit as a marketing avenue again (after a very, very abysmal attempt about a year ago) so I stay up to work on a spreadsheet of potential subreddits to post to. I take note of which requires verification, and add that to my to-do list for tomorrow. Finally, I decide to create a ManyVids store. In addition to trying to expand my social media, I've wanted to try to get more active on additional adult sites that already have internal traffic, instead of just my paid subscription sites. The problem I run into, is that ManyVids requires a business number for Canadian creators. And so, at about 330am, I start the process to acquire one through the CRA website. I finally finish the application and close my laptop d 430am. My mind is full of ideas for the ManyVids store, upcoming Black Friday deals, and more, and it finally stops racing long enough for me to fall asleep around 530am.



The 845AM alarm is not my friend this morning. I roll out of bed and head to the salon to get a mani/pedi despite desperately wanting to stay cuddled up in blankets. I've never been one to get my nails done, but it's an expense I've started budgeting for over the past few months. It not only produces better content (sorry to everyone who has old videos of mine with zoomed in shots of my chipped nail polish!) but it also really boosts my confidence by making me feel more put together, even when I'm not.


I had planned to shoot more content today, but I simply don't have the energy due to the lack of sleep, so I decide to turn this into an administrative day. I start by completing my brand new revenue spreadsheet and then start work on building up my new ManyVids account. I plan to use it mainly as (hopefully) passive income from the clip store, as a way to guide people to my paid sites, rather than using their fan page, because I simply don't have the time to update yet another subscription site daily. I'm not sure how successful or lucrative this will be, but I'm willing to give it a shot for a few months at least.

A new subscriber signs up and pays for a dick rating and sexting session (two of my fav services to do!) so we chat for about half an hour and then I decide to stop staring at a screen and make some dinner.


Did I mention I decided to do a live stream tonight? I don't have much time between dinner and the stream, so I spend most of that gap getting ready (makeup, setting up my game [Jenga!], getting the area cam-ready, etc.)

It actually was a super fun stream; people were extra chatty which always makes things so much easier! It can be intimidating to be on cam, especially when the room is quiet, because it can be hard (and repetitive) to fill the dead air, so when folks are asking questions and replying to the things you're saying, it makes for a much less daunting experience!

Right after the show, I got a sexting request, and boy was I ever happy that I took it, because the person ended up giving me a huge compliment about how I should raise my prices because I'm worth more than I'm charging for my interactive experiences. I have actually been thinking about putting some prices up, but I've been feeling too scared to go for it, worried about alienating current and potential subscribers. But ultimately, I know my worth and, like this subscriber said, I am great at my job!! Maybe it's time I give myself a raise.



Finally had a really good sleep, so I started the day off on the right foot! I sent messages out to all the folks who were in my stream the night before with their prizes while cuddling with Binx in bed, then got up and got ready for the day.

This was a big admin day, so I updated my Reddit subreddit spreadsheet, sent out subreddit verifications, scheduled two weeks worth of posts for the end of the month, and worked on building up my ManyVids store. Post scheduling always takes so much longer than I think it will because of how long it can take to upload videos. And then the captions is a whole other thing...I go a little overboard sometimes, and turn them more into mini-blogs, so it can take a while to write out 2 weeks worth of posts on two separate platforms, but doing it in batches saves me so much time in the long run!


I've been wanting to do a lot more camming, especially more casually while just hanging out, so I turned the cam on while cooking dinner. I was surprised at how many folks tuned in to watch me cook in an apron - and with zero nudity! I got a few new followers on my LoyalFans page from it (a huge perk of the site: its internal database that shows everyone who's live at that moment, so you're able to be discovered by new users)!

I watch TV for a couple hours, until it's time to work a bit more. I spend the night sexting with three subscribers back-to-back and posting on Reddit until about 2am when I finally crash.


I usually don't do any work on weekends (sex workers need downtime, too!) but I do spend the weekend posting on social media. I decide to create a Tumblr account, because I used to love Tumblr and folks seem to be going back now that they're allowing nudes and lewds again (and that Twitter is getting closer and closer to imploding).

Overall mostly quiet weekend, which was much needed!



I had planned to make this a big shooting day, but it's really rainy and grey outside. The weather doesn't just fuck with my mood and motivation, it also makes the photo quality worse. I rely on natural light for most of my shoots at home, since I don't have much of a lighting set up (outside of a couple ring lights) and not much space to put lighting equipment up even if I did. I meant to record new welcome videos and PPVs, but seeing as how these will be for sale and the first thing folks see when they sign up, I don't want to risk it looking dark and grainy. So, I shoot a couple smaller videos like my Storytime Saturdays, Toy Tuesdays, and other videos that'll appear on the timeline, along with a couple customs, and then call it a day filming-wise.

afternoon and evening

Throughout the day I post on socials, and do an AMA on Instagram. I end up having two 30-minute sexting sessions (I LOVE sexting!!!) but it's relatively quiet, outside of a mad dash at 10PM to get verified on one of the big subreddits that had a small window open up for their verification process for new users. (I get verified, yay!)

I embrace the low-key night and bake some apple crisp, watch some TV, and cuddle with Binx, knowing that the rest of this week is going to be a little bonkers.



This is about to be a big day, and I know it, so I stay in bed a little later than I meant to (1030am) before starting on some admin work.

I create a Black Friday sale graphic, upload new items to my ManyVids store, schedule some content on my subscription pages, post to socials, and watch some videos on how to best promote yourself on Reddit. I know some creators have had massive success from Reddit so I want to be able to use it as one of my main advertising avenues, but I'm kind of at a loss when it comes to figuring out how to get noticed when I post in lingerie and everyone else has full nudes. We'll see how this goes!

I also finally put together a real newsletter for everyone subscribed to my website, letting them know what social platforms I'm on in case folks do dip from Twitter. It reminds me of all the newsletters I've had to write in my day for office jobs, and it just feels so nice to be able to make it look however I want, have my own voice, and say what I want to in it. It's been over a year and I'm still so grateful to be able to be self-employed and to have full creative-control over the marketing items I put out. Feels nice, man.


I have to run a few errands, but then I'm back home to hop on a half-hour video call with a subscriber who's using me as a basis for one of their comic book characters. Pretty fucking cool!


I spend a couple hours chilling and watching some TV before getting ready for a stream night on LoyalFans where we play a fun tarot card game I came up with. I love games for streams because it makes it more interactive and adds an element of surprise which I think folks are into! I stay on stream for about 2.5 hours, until Midnight.

You'd think the night is done, but it isn't yet! I've got a 30 minute sexting session and video chat scheduled!

Then, finally, around 12:45am, I take my makeup off, do my skincare routine, hop into bed more Reddit tutorials until I fall asleep!

....that's all folks!

And that is a typical week in the life of this content creator! Hope this helps give some folks some idea of what I do with my days, and illustrates just how much work we do behind the scenes to provide quality content and experiences to our subscribers!

If you like this series, let me know, and I'll do my best to make it a regular thing!

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